Courtney Ann Fitness Academy is a hybrid fitness training program that incorporates the newest tools and technology with the personal 1-on-1 feel of having your personal trainer with you every step of the way. The program offers detailed and personalized fitness and nutrition plans to fit any budget and lifestyle, regardless of where you are located. Courtney uses modern technology that captures statistics and progress for a more accurate assessment of where you are in your transformation. A user friendly APP has been created to help you stay on track with your workouts, log daily meals with ease and set you up with success by keeping you accountable each day with daily reminders.


All fitness plans are flexible with various workout options to fit your lifestyle. The fitness plans are also customized to the type of location you feel comfortable working out in and designed to work with the workout equipment you have access to. During your consultation with Courtney, a customized program will be created specific to your fitness goals by understanding your current fitness level, lifestyle, overall health goals and time availability.  Whether you choose to train in the gym or decide to train at home, you will have access to video tutorials, exercise mechanics and descriptions and variations showing you how to complete each assigned exercise.


All fitness plans include a personalized nutrition meal plan. The nutrition plans are customized to your food preferences and includes a variety of items.  Your daily caloric limit and marcos will be calculated for your specific body type to pair with your fitness plan to help reach your weight loss goals. The CAFA app uses one of the largest food databases on the market which helps you stay on track with your daily macros easily and efficiently. You will see your recommended meal plan each day on the CAFA APP and have the option to search for food items by product name, adding in your own food items or scanning bar codes on food labels. Nutrition will be as important as your workouts and Courtney will coach you with meal planning tips and techniques.


As a client you will have access to the mobile APP and desktop login portal that stores and tracks your customized fitness and nutrition plans. Access to these plans will be available 24/7 and available to download on IOS and Android phones. This includes viewing your schedule, logging workouts, daily nutrition, uploading progress photos, updating measurements, sending messages to your personal trainer and accessing your grocery shopping list. You will be able to view and record any activities you’ve been assigned , as well as, add your own workouts you create by using the exercise video database. You will know exactly what you need to do everyday and see your progress in real time.

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