Carbs are NOT Bad!!!!


Your body needs them to lose weight.Β 

Carbs fuel your body and gives you the energy you need to get through your workout to burn those calories we need burned in order to lose weight. Try thinking of carbs like being a train running through your body after your workout… Post workout your body just lost minerals and nutrients and it needs to replenish those macronutrients as fast as possible in order for your body to recover. Without them your body will start eating your lean muscle tissue for the fuel its craving.. and we don’t want to feel like a marshmallow do we?! Unfortunately in the 90’s the Adkins diet skewed everyone’s thoughts on carbs…. But believe me, I’ve been there and so have my personal training clients, you do not achieve a healthy, efficient and well balanced body by limiting your body of the most important macronutrient it needs to survive.Β 

There is of course the what, when and how of CARBS. Leave your information below to get your free list of the GOOD CARBS you need to put in your grocery list and start your weight loss journey on the right foot!!!

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