How to RUN

Everyone knows that running is one of the best cardio exercises out there that burns the calories effectively while building your athletic endurance. BUT just as it is a popular activity, running also causes many injuries, especially to new runners. Here is what you can do to prevent injuries and run safely:

Go at a Slow and Steady Pace

The easiest way to limit those darn injuries is to manage the miles and volume that you run. You should never be in constant pain when you run. If you notice continuous pain other than the occasional soreness of the muscles, take a few steps back and take time off to recover before going at it again. ย Find a pace that feels comfortable yet challenging. As you build your endurance and progress each week, you can slowly start to work on going at a faster pace and a longer distance.

Don’t Forget About the Weights

Strength training can help your running. I would recommend two to three full body strength workouts a week in addition to your running regime. Believe it or not, strength training can prevent injuries because stronger muscles corrects muscle imbalances, which can occur if you have stronger quadriceps, yet weaker glutes and hamstrings. ย In addition a stronger body ideally should also be faster, because your generating more power with each stride.

Get Plenty of Sleep and Limit Daily Stress

We all know we’ve been told to get at least 8 hours of sleep and don’t let your day stress you out… it is even MORE important to you if you start running or begin any other exercise program. If you missed sleep, have long days at work, aren’t eating enough, or have personal problems at home, exercise puts more stress on your body on top of all of that and your body may not be able to handle the additional stress of training. Sometimes the biggest step forward is listening to your inner self and working on finding that balance before you start training.


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