H20 Please

We all know drinking water is good for you, but here are the TOP 3 REASONS WHY you should get serious about actually drinking water ASAP. Water just very well be the most underrated nutrient in living a balanced happy and healthy life.

1. Drinking 100-120oz of Water a Day Can Help You Lose Weight

When you drink water it firsts flushes out the toxins, curbs your appetite, increases your metabolism, feeds your muscles and then balances your body out (your body is comprised of ย 60% of water and your brain is comprised of ย 75% of water) hmmm might be important to replenish your body with what it is mostly made of.

2. Water Can Boost Your Mood

Your brain is mostly made up of water and because of that it is very very sensitive to dehydration. You’ve seen those survivor shows and what happens when someone is dehydrated.. It can have an adverse reaction to your memory and your entire emotional system. The > water you drink the < likely you are to be irritable.

3. Water Can Prevent and Help Treat Headaches

Since your brain is mostly comprised of water… AGAIN it is highly sensitive and has to work on overload if dehydrated which causes the body to be fatigued. ย Fatigue is a side effect of dehydration. So, if dehydration is the cause of the fatigue and fatigue is the cause of the headacheย start by treating the fatigue and get hydrated.


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