Why do you hear everyone say just do squats when you say you want to get lean legs and a nice round butt? Well… BECAUSE SQUATS work many different muscles in your bottom half when done properly. Not only are you toning your quads, by changing your foot stance you can also tone your hamstrings and focus in on your glutes, isolating different leg muscles.

I’m going to show you three different stance positions in this video to get you an effective leg circuit you can add to your existing leg day routine or complete alone. You are working ALL of your leg muscles in this circuit by incorporating all three of the these different stances.


When you place your feet close together you are engaging the quads mostly to lift the weight back to the starting position. However, the wide squat position focuses more on your hamstrings and glutes. And then you have the Sumo squat position which engages your inner thighs and glutes.

Legs are one of your strongest muscles in your body. I would recommend doing between 3-4 sets of each stance. If your looking to create more of a leaner look then I recommend you to keep the rep range around 15-20 with a lighter weight load. If your looking to create strength and more defined muscles then I recommend you to keep the rep range around 8-12 with a heavier weight.

All of my exercises I do are modifiable to fit any fitness level or strength. If you do not have access to a Smith Machine which is what I am using in the video, this circuit can be done with dumbbells, a barbell or with no weight at all.

If you have any questions on this video you can reach me at yes2sweat@gmail.com


Coach Courtney~



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