Fitness is not the center of the earth but it is an integral part of our lives that is ingrained in our DNA. To keep one’s body idle and not take advantage of our natural gifts would be a tragedy.  Through my own physical transformation journey I have learned through my pain I have found my passion and strength. My passion of sharing my challenges of not only getting healthy and back into physical shape but the obstacles I faced with anxiety, depression and worry.  The past five years I have been on a journey to find balance within myself, heal the pains of my past and live an active and healthy lifestyle.  I realized that something had to change when I started experiencing extreme health complications physically and mentally.  I have found the strength that I was given to get through my life obstacles were meant to help coach others to achieve their goals.

 The model that I coach by is the inside-out & outside-in model.  This model is a newer integrative approach for transformation both from the outside moving inward at the same time as providing transformation from the inside moving outward. We can all achieve our physical appearance we desire, but what good is our physical appearance going to do for us if we do not have balance within ourselves emotionally and mentally. One of the best ways to show our bodies some gratitude is to maintain and strengthen them through the four body systems: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. All of my clients come to me with different goals and different needs. My job is to get all of these components back in balance, with the appropriate intensity in each category to achieve the goals set for each person.

I quit my career in Finance and followed my passion to become a Personal Trainer and Integrative Wellness and Life Coach to help inspire others on becoming a better healthier version of themselves.  Follow my blog as I share my journey and give you the tools and motivation to become the best version of yourself!!

My certification/education:

  • Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist ISSA-International Sports Sciences Association
  • Integrative Wellness and Life Coach

Athletic Experience and Specialties:

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training
  • Fit Camp Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • HIIT Training
  • Competition Prep Training
  • Trail Running and Obstacle Race Training
  • Senior Group Class Instructor
  • Meal Prep and Nutrition Specialist